Cats And Pregnancy Hormones

Posted On: Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 at 3:11 pm

cats and pregnancy hormones
is it just pregnancy hormones or am i right in having a problem?

my brither and stepdad really iratate me. my stepdad works and when he comes home he goes straight for the beer and then to the computer where he wont move all night! he can be asked by my mum to do the washing up and he wont do it. the cats can be mithering to be fed and he wont do it.

my brother well since turnin 18 hes out all night and then sleeps all day he does nothing around the house and when hes sleeping he expects everybody to be quiet.

they both really annoy me and i wondered is it just because of my pregnancy hormones or would you be annoyed as well?

22 weeks preg with lil girl EDD 12/12

That would annoy me pregnant or not hun.

They don’t have enough respect for your Mum, and the house – which would piss me off.

Try and have a chat with them?

Good luck x

My Immortal


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