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Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

cats and dogs toys

Calico Critters Families – Sure To Be A Top Christmas Toy For 2010

Calico Critters are small animal figures (in the order of about three ins to 1.25 ins in height) that children love to play with. They appear to have been massively popular for many years from when they were termed Sylvanian Families to their re-branding as the Calico Critters. In fact, you may have played with them when you were a child.

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Among the reasons why these toys are so popular is because the little animal figures are indisputably cute. They have a fur like texture and are dressed in human clothing. The apparel may be removed and they can be dressed in other attire. You can find all sorts of critters and they all come as a nuclear family or two parents and two youngsters. You may also get baby twins for every animal family but they generally need to be purchased separately. 

The range of animals within the Calico Critters line are forest animals. These were the very first sorts of creatures to be featured and they are very much in the fashion of Beatrix Potter creatures. This fits in with the Sylvanian name that is a derivation from the Latin word for woods. Hence you’ll discover Rabbits, mice, hedgehogs and several more.

The choice of critters have expanded over time however and you can get all sorts of domestic pets, similar to cat and dog families. You can even get rather exotic creatures like Elephants, Pandas and Monkeys.

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A part of the attraction of the Calico Critters toys is the family facet or ethos that is implied when you get a family unit. As there’s a Mom and Dad and a Brother and Sister in the family, kids can act out most of the experiences they might be going through in their actual life inside the Calico Critters world.

Another thing that really charms kids is the attention to detail and the ability to make a little world from their imagination. You will find numerous accessories which you can get for the critters. This encompasses outfits to items of household furniture and transportation vehicles. Additionally , there are wonderfully well detailed homes that form a super environment for the critters to play in.

These Calico Critters houses may be reasonably small with a couple of rooms or they can be gigantic. The Manor house and the village house have nine and seven rooms respectively. The townhome is predicted to be a hot Christmas toy this year and has five rooms.

Kids can have fun adorning the homes and then letting the little critters move in. Once they are installed in their new residence, kids can formulate all varieties of everyday scenarios for the small critters to participate in.

Perhaps the Fisher Cat family is having the Pickleweeds Hedgehog family over for tea. Perhaps the family are driving out into the country in the convertible car for a picnic. Whatever your little ones can think up, the Calico critters can provide their imagination a location.

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