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Cats Age In Cat Years

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

cats age in cat years
What is the human to cat age ratio?

my cat is about 15years old i wanted to know how old that was in cat years

Cats age quicker than dogs at first then age quite a bit slower after that – so it’s not as simple as one year = x like dogs.

The first year = 21 years
The second year = 10 years
Subsequent years = 3 years each

So a 15 year old cat would be (21+10)+(3×13) = 70 in human years

This calculator does the math for you –

At that age you should be seeing a vet at least twice a year. Hopefully you’ve already had a geriatric panel done that checks out how his organs are functioning. If not, definitely get that done as soon as you can. The quicker you catch something going on, the longer you can expect your cat to live.

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